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Cynosure® Tempsure™ Envi is one of the top-requested radiofrequency treatments used for minimizing lines and wrinkles, as well as for decreasing the appearance of cellulite. Start your path to smoother, younger-looking skin by booking a TempSure Envi consultation at King and Queen Family Practice in Saint Stephens Church, Virginia, today. Click on the online scheduler to book or call the office directly.

TempSure Skin Rejuvenation Q & A

How does TempSure Envi work?

TempSure Envi utilizes safe and gentle radiofrequency energy to tighten your skin. During treatments, TempSure Envi delivers waves of radiofrequency energy to the deepest layers of your skin, forcing these delicate tissues to heat up, without ever elevating the surface of your skin to dangerous temperatures.

This heating effect triggers a cascade of events that start the production of new collagen. As new collagen fibers start developing, they naturally stack neatly and tightly on top of one another, leaving your skin visibly tighter and smoother, without doing anything invasive.

What can TempSure Envi treat?

The breakthrough technology behind TempSure Envi can resolve many of those imperfections that make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. TempSure Envi can treat:

  • Facial lines and wrinkles
  • Wrinkles on your neck or décolleté
  • Cellulite on your thighs and midsection

Face-only TempSure Envi treatments at King and Queen Family Practice take just about 30 minutes. If you’re having a body treatment, your session takes about an hour. In either case, TempSure Envi treatments are virtually painless and require no downtime, so you can return to your normal activities afterward.

Do I need more than one TempSure Envi session?

In most cases, having several TempSure Envi treatments leaves you with more dramatic results. When you visit King and Queen Family Practice to have your skin tightening consultation, your dedicated practitioner lets you know about how many TempSure Envi treatments you’re going to need. Usually, most men and women need about three to four monthly TempSure Envi sessions to achieve dramatically smoother, younger-looking skin.

Since TempSure Envi truly stimulates collagen production from your skin’s deepest layers, results are entirely long-lasting. But you’re going to continue to age and new lines, wrinkles, and cellulite are going to form. The skin care specialists at King and Queen Family Practice often recommend booking TempSure Envi follow-up treatments about once or twice a year so you can continue enjoying your more youthful skin.

Learn more about TempSure Envi by booking an evaluation at King and Queen Family Practice. Schedule online or over the phone.

Individual results may vary.