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An industry-leading aesthetic laser system, Cynosure® Icon™ is ideal for reversing the effects of aging and restoring your more youthful, healthier skin. The skin care team at King and Queen Family Practice in Saint Stephens Church, Virginia, offers personalized Icon laser treatment packages that are tailored to your specific skin concerns. Whether you struggle with visible veins, scars, wrinkles, or sun damage, to name a few, Icon treatments may be right for you. Book your Icon skin care consultation online, or call the office directly.

Icon Laser Q & A

What can the Icon laser treat?

The Icon laser treats a wide range of issues on almost all kinds of skin types. The breakthrough technology behind the Icon laser can dramatically reduce the appearance of:

  • Stretch marks
  • Acne scars
  • Sun damage
  • Brown spots
  • Facial or leg veins
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Surgical or injury scars

Plus, the Icon laser even has an attachment that can destroy hair follicles and stop unwanted body hair growth. No matter how big or how small of a skin concern you have, chances are, the Icon laser can benefit you.

How does the Icon laser work?

The Icon laser uses fractional laser technology to penetrate through the surface of your skin and reach the deeper tissues. Treatments not only help sweep away the damaged layers of your skin, they simultaneously heat up tissues underneath, which stimulates a healing effect.

Over time, skin cells work hard to regenerate new tissue that eventually makes its way to the surface. This benefit leaves you with an entirely fresh, new, firmer layer of skin, without having to go through an invasive surgical procedure.

How many Icon laser sessions do I need?

Your Icon laser treatment package at King and Queen Family Practice is personalized to you and your skin concerns. Although you should start noticing an improvement in your skin within a couple weeks of your first Icon laser session, the team typically recommends a series of treatments.

Depending on the severity of your condition and how your skin responds to the laser, you may need anywhere from three to six sessions, which should each be scheduled about four to six weeks apart.

Is there any recovery after an Icon laser treatment?

Even though no downtime is needed after an Icon laser session at King and Queen Family Practice, you might have some initial redness or minor swelling that should subside within a few hours. Plus, Icon laser treatments can leave you a little more susceptible to sunburns, so it’s extremely important to start wearing sunscreen regularly after each Icon treatment.

Schedule your Icon laser evaluation at King and Queen Family Practice today. Click on the online scheduler, or call the office to speak with a team member.

Individual results may vary.